Mike Marotta Jr. - Accordion

Mike SoloMike Marotta Jr., a Monterey native, is the third generation of Marottas to entertain Peninsula audiences.  For over 45 years he has performed all styles of popular music on accordion and piano with the Marotta Band.


Dave Dally - Violin / Trumpet

Dave SoloDave Dally is leader of the Monterey String Quartet, Concertmaster of Ensemble Monterey and directs the orchestra at Monterey Peninsula College.  He has played with Mike Marotta Jr. for over twenty years.


Erasmo "Orazio" Aiello - Tenor

Orazio Solo

Erasmo ‘Orazio’ Aiello comes from Palermo, Sicily.  He has been discovered by musicians eager to share his gift of singing traditional Italian songs and opera with wider audiences.  During the day he practices while baking bread at his famous Palermo Bakery.

Makucho Bonilla - Percussion / Singer

Makucho Solo

Manuel ‘Macucho’ Bonilla (Singer, Percussionist, Dancer) comes from Peru, and has played with Tommy Dorsey’s band, DizzyGillespie, Little Richard, Yma Sumac and Kris Kristofferson.  As a percussionist he entertains audiences playing the cajon, bongos, congas, spoons, maracas, castanets and anything he can get his hands on.  As an award-winning dancer he toured Europe and the United States as a featured dancer for a big, dynamic group called the Latin Connection.  He blends his personality and talents with Monterey International as the lead singer, percussionist and dancer.

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